Monday, July 26, 2010

Off the Pills... YAY!?!?

So, I can walk again!

And I figured out why I was twisty and shaky!

Muscle fatigue! (I slouched and walked with my knees partly bent for 2 days, and it stopped completely... When I stood up straight, the twisty would start in my trunk; and when I locked my knees they would shake like crazy...)

Now I'm off the meds, more dislocatey... Not falling over... Not shaky... Not twisty...

I have a bit more energy, but a lot more pain. It's been mostly just my shoulder, and it seems to be... Different? Louder? Harder to ignore maybe? I don't know what it is, but my shoulder has been screaming at me since Friday.

But I have ENERGY! and I want to go ROLLERBLADING! But it's really HOT outside... :(

I think I'm going to see if we have a decent rock-climbing-wall-place in or around the city. It would be torture to my shoulders, but at least it might help prepare me for climbing the mountain this summer... Which I still FULLY intend to do.


Pink Doberman said...


Bendy_Clutz said...

sweet! Thats awesome! =) Minus the shoulder yelling at ya, that bit is less awesome lol =)

because it all matters said...

YAY!! That's great!! I hope you can get out and go rollerblading soon!!! And rock climbing!

elise said...

Awesome news! Muscle fatigue can be a nasty sucker. I live on bent knees, which most people would consider straight.

I don't get the twisty thing though. What is causing the fatigue in your torso? Spasm'd abdominal muscles? At least you aren't twisty anymore! That was scary.

Shoulder are annoying. Do you have muscle spasms in your neck and around your shoulder blade? Those could be setting off your shoulder pain and vice versa. Try getting hubby to massage you and see if your pain relents a bit. Then you can rock-climb until your heart's content!

gentle hugs, lovely lady!

BubbleGirl said...

I think the twisting is caused by the core stability issues I have. The muscles work overtime, because the connetive tissues aren't connecting... So when they get fatigued, it's like they misfire.

My shoulder has been painful since I first dislocated it. It's never really wanted to stay in, so I have knots in my shoulder and neck, and along the left side of my back, because the muscles are never relaxed.

To work the knots out of my shoulder takes an experienced massage therapist an entire hour. Then it hurts for about a week.

Anonymous said...

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