Monday, August 10, 2009

Minimal Update

Just trying to update something, let you all know that I'm still alive...

We have a new computer system at work, which means that I'm now doing about 4 times as much work as I used to... So I have little to no free time at work (it took me from 8am to like 2 pm to write an e-mail last week), and my computer at home... well it's broken, and it's been in for repairs for WEEKS now. I should be getting it back any day now.

So, last Tuesday, I made bread... Everyone asked me if I had a bread-maker... like a machine... that mixes and kneads, and bakes the bread... but NOOO... I have 2 hands and an oven... And it felt like I was gonna rip my right shoulder out of it's socket... But it was honey bread, and it was braided, and it was YUMMY!
Umm... More... PICTURES!!!

The pretty hat of many flowers went to a pretty lady very far away from me.

The cute bear was for my niece's 2nd birthday. She loves it! She hugged it and kissed it, and was very posessive the second she took it out of the bag. I have heard (from her mom) that she sleeps with it, and takes it EVERYWHERE with her.

The pretty BLUE hat with 3 flowers I made for a friend that is friends with the first lady that I made the pink hat for(picures on an earlier post), and she wears it all the time (they both do :D). The 3 of us went out in our hats ( I made myself a pretty hat, and it's pink, and blue with a blue and pink flower) last night, and we got some pretty funny looks from some rather strange characters.