Monday, June 27, 2011

Dishes or Laundry?

Unfortunately, that is a question I ask myself more often than I care to admit. Do I do the dishes, because I haven't any clean ones left, or do I do the laundry, because I've worn my shirts twice each, and I'm dangerously low on clean undies? (TMI?) Either way, after my very rushed shower, there is only enough hot water left for one of these things. There is also only enough upper body strength to do one of these things.

Yesterday, I decided it was time to do the dishes. They were stacked in both the sinks, on top of half of my counter and all over the stove top. So I filled both of the sinks, and started soaking things. There were dishes from my gramma's rhubarb pie that she'd sent me, and no matter how much you soak them, they never want to come clean without a thorough scrubbing. Scrubbing is the worst thing on my shoulders ,because it pits my strength arm against arm, and it dislocated half my fingers, and both my shoulders, and some ribs. Which is all well and good, and to be expected. Until my right shoulder goes *SNAP* and I get the feeling of a hot poker going through my shoulder blade and into my ribs, accompanied by a very strong electric shock feeling. My right hand went numb for a minute, and when the feeling came back, I started scrubbing again. A bit later I was putting a dish into the rinse water, and just shifting my weight that slight bit caused the same sensation through my left hip.

Once the dishes were all clean, and sat out to dry, I took a nice 2-3 hour break and watched a movie, and read a chapter or five of my current book. Then I put away all the dishes. And I even remembered to write myself a grocery list, so we wouldn't be out of toilet paper with me begging my hubby to run to 7-11 to pick some up at 10:00 at night... again.

So tonight, I will try to go grocery shopping. And once that is done, and I get home, and have everything away in its cupboard, I will once again contemplate laundry. Or maybe I'll put it off another day or six... I won't know what kind of energy I'll have until the time comes...

I hope everyone is doing alright.

Hugs and happy thoughts to all of you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can we ban the use of invisible sledgehammers?

It feels like instead of twitching, I had someone smash my shoulder to bits with an invisible sledgehammer. I was reduced to tears for 3 hours straight. I doubled up on my pain meds, and was still unable to distract myself from the pain. I was too drugged to read, so I watched tv, and I had an ice pack on my shoulder.

The twitching is getting to the point that the dislocated shoulder/collar bone/larynx/ribs are all driving me nuts.

I choke on myself multiple times a day. It currently feels like I have 2 separate dislocations, as well as a pulled muscle in my shoulder.

I am once again at the point where I feel as though I can no longer hold my job. The 9 hour days, even though they consist of mostly sitting, are too exhausting. I haven't been able to find a comfortable sitting position for weeks, and I am so exhausted by the twitching and the pain, that I am unable to do anything outside of work.  But I'm me, so I'll tough it out as long as possible.

But I could really use a nap... This whole 2-4 hours of sleep every night isn't enough.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Tired

The title about sums it up.

My poor hubby has had the flu for the last 2 weeks, and I seem to have avoided the worst of it. All I seem to have caught is the inability to sleep, and all the extra aches and pains that usually come with being sick. And a runny nose. And I have no balance and nearly killed myself in the shower this morning.

I'm also cat-sitting. Have been for 2 whole weeks, and Princess's mommy should be back tonight, so I don't have to climb all of the hazardous, mismatched stairs.

In other news, I recently went to the bookstore, and purchased 5 new books, and went home and downloaded 2 additional books for my ebook, as well as one more book which was e-mailed to me. One of the books I bought was from a series, #20, and I have finished it, and am now re-reading 2 or 3 of the books in the series because some of the main characters haven't been in the last few books, and I missed them.

I have been having problems with Blogger. I recently got a new android phone, which forced me to get a new Gmail account, and I can't seem to leave comments. I've been trying to comment on Jess's blog over at Falling Apart at the Seams, to send my thoughts out to her friend who has just received a liver transplant, as well as Jess's pooch who is having medical problems of his own. I've also been trying to comment on Saurou's post at Disjointed regarding an explanation about brain fog and memory holes."I have a hole in my vocabulary the size of... That place... The south-ish one. You know that big place in the south? Ummm... Texas! A hole in my vocabulary the size of Texas."

Since returning from my vacation, I have only fallen once or twice, and I haven't had to use my cane. But I'm twitching more than I had been when I was falling all the time.