Friday, October 30, 2009


I have it... It feels like I've been hit by a truck. I'm sneezy, and coughy, and snotty, and achy, and sleepy, and dizzy, and fevery, and BLAH... Ick...

I will come back and post when I'm healthy-ish again.

Oooh... Is it irony? ... I come down with H1N1 the day after the vaccine clinic opens up... THREE BLOCKS AWAY FROM MY HOUSE...

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Birthday Parties...

...Were AWESOME!!!!

Okay, Friday night was my best friend's birthday party, and we went out to karaoke. It was nice, I got to meet new people, and I got to sing. I sang Hands by Jewel, then I sang Angel by Sarah McLachlan, which made the karaoke host cry. After that my best friend and I had a friendly competition with The Cranberries' Zombie, she won... The prize was a drink from the karaoke host, but my friend's pregnant, so I got the drink, and we were also playing for the right to sing that song when we go out together, because we always fight over it. After that I sang Thank You by Dido, and the karaoke host teasingly sang the first couple of lines of Eminem's Stan. All in all it was a pretty fun night.

Saturday night was my guy friend's birthday. He's in the army. Last year he didn't get a real birthday party because he had to fly out to the base the next day. This year he was pretty sure he was getting time off on his birthday, but the day before they told him he couldn't leave. He apparently updated his event on facebook, but I didn't get the memo, and neither did the only other guy I knew that was going. The two of us stayed until the bar closed at 2:30. It was so much fun!

I got there at 9:30, because I had to drive over an hour to get there, and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find the place, so I left early. When I got there, I ordered a drink, and sat down with a good view of the door. I was sitting near a group of already drunk people. One of them threw a paper plane at my face, and missed thankfully. As an apology, he bought me a drink, then invited me to his table (my party still wasn't there, and I'd been there for an hour at this point). Right after I sat down at their table, a round of shots was bought, and I was three drinks in, without knowing what was going on.

Finally my one friend got there, looked around, then dragged me over to the other bar in town (to look for the birthday boy), where I saw someone I haven't seen since high school, and she did one of those flying Superman hugs, and almost knocked me over, she was so excited to see me. Once we stopped jumping up and down hugging each other, and squealing like school girls, we talked for a few minutes, and she decided I was spending the night on her couch (which was a huge relief, as my ride flaked on me, she went to bed at 9:00, and I had already had too much to drink to allow myself to drive anywhere).

So me and guy friend went back to the first bar, and talked for hours, until the bar closed, and he had to drive his GF home. At the point that I had bought my fourth drink, I set it on the table, and a drunk guy almost knocked the table over when he walked past. My drink was airborne, and I managed to pull a wikkid awesome ninja move, and I caught the drink without spilling a single drop!

I walked back to bar number two, and waited for my gal friend to get off work, then we walked back to her house, and stayed up talking until 3:30 in the morning. I crashed on the couch, and woke up to a 4 year old staring at me.

He was soooo cute though, and eerily quiet... I didn't even hear him get out of bed. He's not one of those kids that cries when he wakes up, or has the insane urge to run in circles. He was perfectly content to just sit there until I woke up, then he proceeded to SHOW ME EVERYTHING. He showed me all of his toys, and all of his little brother's toys, and all of the movies that the toys came from... "This one's the bad guy, Randall, from Monster's inc." But he did this with EVERY toy, and then all of his stuffed bears, then "Do you want to see my HALLOWEEN costume?!?!?!?!? Come to my room!!!! I'll show you!!!!!!!" On and on it went, until finally little brother woke up, and went downstairs... Then we watched Scooby Doo.

Little brother came upstairs a while later in Dad's arms, and I was sent downstairs for more sleep. Upon waking up again, I was officially introduced to the 2 little guys, and I got hugs and kisses, and cuddles. The littlest man called me auntie, and it was so cute! He's really good at apologizing too... First he poked me and said "I sorry, I sorry, I sorry" then he kissed it better. He did the same when he sat on my foot, and then when he pulled on my necklace... That time I got a kiss on the boob. It was too cute. I also got random hugs and kisses. The first time was when somebody else was leaving... Hugs and kisses for everyone. Then I was standing beside the chair the little man was sitting in, and he hugged my leg and kissed it, then I got one more hug and kiss when I finally left.

You guys have no idea how tempting it was to just stay there... The kids were so cute, and the parents were almost too lovey with each other, but it was such a happy atmosphere.

After I left there, I went to birthday girl's in-law's for supper (I brought timbits for dessert) and they were nice enough to feed me, even though I was unexpected. I visited with them for about an hour, and got drooled on by my nephew.

I finally made it home at 10:00 last night, stayed up with hubby to watch a scary movie, then we went to bed.

With all of the walking I did between the two bars, I'm glad to say that my ankle didn't give me any trouble, I had the brace on the whole time. Oddly my shoulder has been feeling worse and worse since Friday afternoonish, and it's to the point now that I can barely even move it enough to type without wanting to scream.

I started this post pretty early his morning, and it is now 4:01 in the afternoon. I think that's enough for today.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Memory? What Memory?

While I was writing my last post I had a thought, and I wanted to write it down, but I got distracted. Over the last few days, I've remembered what it was, and forgotten again before I could write it down... I still have no idea what it was...

Ummm... Yeah, no clue...

So to get on with this posting business, I'm going to talk about books. Vampire books.

My friend e-mailed me a new series Vampire Academy last Friday or so. I'm now about 20 pages from the end of book 4. I'm enjoying them immensely :) (Finished book 4 now. It ended with a cliffhanger... now I have to wait for book 5 to be written and published...grrr...)

Ever since I started reading vampire novels, I fell in love with them, and I have a theory as to why that is:

Vampires are virtually indestructible, they heal extraordinarily fast, and they're immortal. They also have superhuman strength and stamina.

It's so easy for me to get lost in these books, and live a life full of energy, exploits, and health, even though it's just in my head. I enjoy the escape they give me from my life, which is completely the opposite: I injure myself doing the most mundane tasks, I take months or years to heal what normal people heal in a few weeks, I get so fatigued, and weak feeling that I can't do simple tings like laundry or dishes. Sometimes I can't even hold a book to read.

So in short, yes, I am a vampire addict, but in a different way than a lot of people. It's not just the mystery, sex or intrigue, it's the feeling of freedom, a feeling I don't have in my real life... So I read.

Update: I clicked "post" and I remembered... I have a freaking nickel allergy, and it's driving me insane... I want to peel off all my skin just so it would stop itching... Stupid pants...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Odd Happenings

This week I have at least 6 friends/family with birthdays.

I'll be going to 2 different parties (so long as the birthday boy does not have H1N1). One will be relatively close to where I live (lady friend) and the other one will be close to where my lady friend lives (about an hour away) and I'll probably be spending a very drunken night on my lady friend's couch :)

On a completely unrelated matter, I woke up on Friday morning, stumbled to the fridge for a glass of milk, and found a pair of jeans ... in my fridge. It was the weirdest thing that's happened to me in recent memory, and I found myself laughing about it all day.

It turns out my friend (who had spent the night at my house) had gone for groceries before coming over, and as a reminder to herself she put her jeans in the fridge so she wouldn't forget her groceries when she left in the morning (she obviously wasn't leaving without her pants). It was brilliant, but it was strange...

Updates... I still haven't touched my brother's sweater again, but I have finished my niece's blanket, as well as a matching hat, and I have started on another hat for the birthday boy, and I'll still have to make the birthday girl's hat after I'm done.

Weird coincidences... After 2 years of living in the same place, I fell down our stairs, then my hubby fell down our stairs the same week... On the weekend my pretty lady friend that spent the night fell down NOT our stairs... but still, in like 1 month 3 people fall down the stairs... It's ridiculous!

On another note, I've been having a lot of left hand joint issues, a lot of dislocating the left floaty (bottom) rib issues, and my ankle feels entirely unstable with the brace off, and I've been in so much pain recently(with and without the brace), I keep thinking it wouldn't hurt so much if I cut it off... with a plastic spoon... over the course of a week...

And I still have this stupid cold...


But it's been rainy here the last couple of days, and aside from the bitter cold that comes with it, the rain does make me smile... :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cold Season and Holidays

I think the title summed it up nicely.

I've been off work all week, taking some much needed vacation time, even though I spent it all at home, and Hubby came home from work this week with a cold. He gave it to a co-worker, and between the two of them I've got it now. It feels like my head is going to explode.

On my first day off, I did 3 loads of laundry, and I did the dishes, and I cleaned some of the kitchen. On my third day off I made quiche. It was really good! A double recipe lasted that night, and until lunch the next day... So I made it again Thursday!

I've been working on my brother's sweater... It's driving me crazy... I don't think I'll make another sweater again, unless it's bigger yarn, or a looser stitch... It hurts my hands if I work on it for more than 5 minutes. So I took a break from sweater making, and started on my youngest niece's star-shaped afghan last night. I used an entire ball of yarn (one of the bigger ones) before I went to bed.

One day (possibly even yesterday) the toilet overflowed... So I got to clean the bathroom, and I figured I'd clean the rest of the kitchen while I was at it. (Hooray for vacations!)

And I finally saw my chiropractor last Sunday. After a month of not seeing him, and falling down the stairs, he had to do quite a bit... My right leg was an inch and a half shorter than my left from favoring my left ankle.

Speaking of my left ankle, instead of being a complex arrangement of bones, tendons and ligaments, it feels like someone put in a bag of marbles and a large wad of chewing gum.

Aside from all of that I've also not been sleeping very well, and it is currently 2:09 AM, so I'm sorry if my post is scattered.