Monday, November 28, 2011

My Doctor May or May Not Have Been Right...

My wonderful doctor said that 2 of my symptoms have nothing to do with the other symptom, which may or may not be due to an unidentified illness which I may or may not have; but here's a prescription for one of the symptoms. And the best part? It's only $70.00 for a month's supply! (I sweet-talked my favorite pharmacist into giving me a free trial sample [which he sweet-talked my doctor out of] to see if it would even help before I paid for the full prescription though).

So the symptom I was medicated for was excess acid production. He prescribed a really strong antacid, and told me that it would stop the pain when I ate. He was right about that one.

I still couldn't eat anything though, because of my other two symptoms; lack of appetite, and nausea. But luckily, I've been self-medicating for those two for quite a while. I frequently have to ingest marijuana for my all over body pain, and guess what? It gives you the munchies. Which sucks sometimes, but when you've been too nauseous to eat, and eating causes pain, and you have no appetite, smoking some MJ can really be beneficial. It's the only way I was able to eat anything last week.

After only 2 days on the antacid, the severe pain immediately after eating went away. Three days later, I found my appetite, and the nausea settled down. Now I'm back to having no appetite, but the nausea and pain are still gone, so I can force myself to eat at least.

This was a really weird illness... It felt like having a stomach flu, except I didn't have the fever, or excess body aches that would come along with it.

My body is confusing.

Still waiting for that G.I. appointment. Only about a year away now. Maybe as few as 4 or 5 months. So, hopefully I'll be able to find out if I have one major gastrointestinal issue, or if I have a couple different things going on, but hopefully the professional will have some answers... However unlikely it seems...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tummy says "GRRRRRR"

My stupid tummy has decided that the only thing it wants is coffee.
And peanuts, which I'm allergic to.

And egg nog.

But everything else I put into my tummy just hurts, and makes me nauseous. Including ensure.

I've eaten less since Thursday last week than I would usually eat in a day. Which is already less than what "normal" people eat in a day. The coffee seems to be keeping me alive-ish for now, and I have been force-feeding myself every day, because apparently the people in my life care about me enough to want me to eat (even when it causes excruciating pain and nausea).

I tried to go to the doctor after work yesterday, and they recently changed their hours, only accepting walk-in patients until 5pm instead of 9pm. Which means, that by the time I get off work at 4:30, they've filled the spots, and are no longer accepting any more walk-ins. Let alone 5 minutes later when I arrive at the doctor's office.

Being impatient as I am, I proceeded to go to the next nearest walk-in clinic, which also just changed their hours to 5pm, and were already fully booked for the rest of the day.

I'll be taking some time this morning to go to the doctor.

I am not feeling any kind of hope that the doctor will actually DO SOMETHING. I'm pretty sure I'll just get the whole "there's nothing wrong with you, quit whining" that I've become accustomed to.


Ooooh... I just went to the doctor's office, which has posted walk-in hours from 9:30 to 5:00. There's no doctor in the office. I signed in at 10:30. They said the doctor would be in in about 45 minutes. 5 minutes later they tell me the doctor won't be in until 1:15, as he's locked himself out of his house.

But, I do have an appointment now for 1:30.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Over the last few weeks, I've been having problems with my left eye, such as blurry vision, eyelid twitching, dryness, increased light sensitivity, and such. It got to the point where I was concerned there might be a real problem, so I made an appointment with an optometrist.

He was a cute young guy, and actually knew what I was talking about when I told him I have EDS. It was truly refreshing. Due to the EDS, he recommended a full work-up, and dilated my pupils, and did the yellow dye drops to check for scratches, and shone really bright lights into my eyes at all angles, and then again, because he thought he might have seen something.

Apparently the puff of air they blow in your eye to check for pressure showed that I have a bit higher pressure than they like to see, and he wants me to come back in the next few weeks for another test.

The test he wants me to take is a baseline test to check for the development of glaucoma. So that's fun. I do not have glaucoma at present, but I do apparently have enough of a warning sign that he wants a baseline test, to check for any progressive, yet slow, changes.

The blurriness is apparently due to a clogged tear duct, and I should add more omega-3's to my diet, and use eye drops. The other thing he found that could be attributing to the dryness and blurriness is that my left eye doesn't close all the way when I blink. Kinda weird.