Thursday, July 15, 2010

...And That's When My Head Explodes...

Yesterday was... Bad.

I woke up to my new-normal... Unstable, tired, etc. Went to work, started twitching... A LOT more than I have been lately. Then I started with the "tremors" and by 10:00am I had the "twisties" ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

We're short 3 people at work right now as it is, but I was non-functional enough that by 11:00am I was sent home.

At least I didn't fall. The falling and the twisting seem to be mutually exclusive. Which is about the only silver lining I've got at the moment. Well, that, and I'm seeing the movement-disorder-tourette's-specializing-neurologist-lady on Monday.

And I've got a few things to say to her...

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