Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just Because I Didn't Go To Medical School...

Does NOT, by any means, mean that I am medically illiterate, or unknowledgeable about what is going on within my own body. And as such, I DO NOT appreciate the disrespect and belittling I received while trying to find a diagnosis for my movement disorder, so I can get on a treatment plan which might actually BENEFIT my health, as opposed to the "throw drugs at it until something works" method which is so rampant in the health care system.

I saw the neurologist yesterday.

She told me my symptoms were psychosomatic, and with the recent tragedy of my grandfathers' passing, I would benefit more from a psychiatrist than a neurologist.

She told me it was all in my head.

I wanted to smack her.

My Hubby came with me to the appointment, and he said he would have walked out of there within 5 minutes because of the way she was talking to me. But he stayed. Moral support and all that.

She contradicted herself with every other sentence.

She said that if there was any problem with my brain, they would have found it on the MRI, or with the blood tests. Because "If I can't see it, it doesn't exist." (Not a direct quote, but close enough)

The only thing she did agree with me about was getting off the Clonazepam. I have 2 more pills, and I'm done with it for good.

I asked her if she could write me a referral for the MAYO clinic in Arizona, and she said she would.

I am still waiting for one test, which she ordered 2 months ago... An EEG... And we'll go from there.

The experience was entirely frustrating, and exhausting, and if I NEVER speak to her again, it will be too soon.

She also stated that even though she didn't see me when I was hospitalized, she doubts the diagnosis of Truncal Ataxia, even if it was drug induced... I was seen by SEVERAL neurologists, and interns, and they ALL agreed it was Truncal Ataxia while I was in the hospital... It's like this lady is in her little diagnosis bubble, and if it's not something SHE can diagnose, then obviously, it doesn't exist.


stipeygirl75 said...

I HATE those kind of doctors! Those are the worst most humiliating visits. I'm really flighty - if I sense anything like that in a doc, I never go back. Just ignore her - you know more than she does!

BubbleGirl said...

It's just really weird though. The first visit went quite well. I kinda figured she'd be an okay person to see again. Maybe I scared her by bringing in my hubby... He's 6'9" and kind of intimidating.

elise said...

Hi K! Wow, what an idiot doctor! I can't believe she actually said that to you. Definitely fire her once you get your Mayo referral.

Hey, if you aren't feeling too bad when you go to AZ, feel free to zip over to California. My stop (Sacramento) is less then 2 hours by plane from Phoenix. Southwest Airlines has cheap tickets! I can dream, can't I? Keep me posted anyway and I'll see if there is a remote chance I can hop down to see you.

So, your husband scared the doc into stupidity? ;)

Pink Doberman said...

Uggg! Some just don't get it. Sorry, you've found one of them!
Hugs and Blessings,

Miss Waxie said...

I have found that the doctors who practice medicine in the smallest of bubbles - the ones who think if their myopic eyes can't see it, if they didn't diagnose it, there's nothing that could possibly be wrong - are among the most dangerous physicians in medicine. The fact that you can encounter these mavricks anywhere is really the scary thing.

Try to put her out of your head, focus on the referral, and hope that this new doctor will have a wider scope of vision and less of a god complex.

And congrats on getting off the klonazapam!

- Miss Waxie

because it all matters said...

FAIL FAIL FAIL! I really hate those doctors. It gives me very violent urges when a doctor tells me that things are in my head. I realize that psychosomatic disorders/conditions are real, that mind and body are very much connected, but for pete's sake, do a better history before accusing us (as patients) of being crazy. Stresses like that are not helpful at all.
And more drugs aren't necessarily helpful either. I was taking so much stuff when I was 14-16, because my parents thought I needed this that and the other on top of everything else. Multiple migraine medications, birth control, multiple vitamins and dietary supplements...it was all too much for a young woman. When I stopped taking all of it, I felt better than ever.
I do a lot of research before I go to the doctor now because I realize I'm my best advocate.

We have to be. Right?

BubbleGirl said...

The really unfortunate thing about going in to a doctor's appointment with information and specific requests, is that you tend to scare or intimidate the doctor, and they seem to react by becoming defensive. This is not conducive to attaining proper care and treatment from them. Occasionally it's best to just play dumb, let them come to their own conclusions, and point them in the right direction by asking specific questions, without actually appearing to already know the answer.

And as always, thank you all for your comments and support.

because it all matters said...

Yeah, you have to feel out the doctor and know what you're walking into, otherwise it gets you into more trouble. I like to go in very prepared and then wait for the opening.
Like you said, asking leading questions is a good thing.
I went to a gastroenterologist yesterday with the intent of getting a surgical consult (don't want surgery if it's not indicated, but I was scheduled for this surgery once before, and there's very little else I can do now). I had all my answers ready and knew what blanks I would have to fill in to assure him in a timely manner that I really had tried everything (or at least go through the list quickly if he had something new that I actually hadn't tried). As he was asking questions, I was sneaking things in on the side: tried this this and this medication, on this diet, strictly avoid these foods, sleep with my bed inclined and on a wedge pillow, had these tests done, still have all these symptoms...it was all organized in my head to make the whole process easier.
But this doctor makes things like that easy. There are other docs who you absolutely have to let be the smart one in the relationship and just let everything fall into place slowly.