Friday, January 27, 2012

Amazing Progress, and a Giant Leap Back (and sex too)

I've been living the barefoot experience for 6 whole months now. (Hurray for Vibram Five Finger shoes!!!)

And in those 6 months, I've fallen a grand total of... Once.

Pretty incredible isn't it? After about 18 months of falling nearly every day, multiple times a day, I have had 6 whole months of gravity being nice.

I also haven't used my cane in the 6 months since I got my new shoes.

This month seems to be trying to undo all of my progress.

It all started with my period, which turns me into a rag doll, floppy all over the place. This was immediately followed by a really cold snap, where it dropped more than 30 degrees overnight. Then we had a chinook, and the temperature went up about 30 degrees overnight, and the air pressure just goes nuts...

Then I did something that may shock you... I had sex with my hubby. Not just sex, but really amazing sex. Letter-to-Penthouse worthy sex. The kind of sex that releases so many endorphins, that you don't realize just how horribly dislocated your EVERYTHING is until it's all over, and you've had a few hours sleep...

The amazing sex was on Sunday night, and by Monday at noon, I could barely walk. Tuesday rolls around, and I'm shuffling like a 90 year old. I had to take breaks at work so I could just sit by myself for a few minutes and cry... It felt like my pelvis was separated.

Fast forward to Thursday, my mommy comes into work, and she has bought me a pair of forearm crutches, so I don't have to hobble quite so much. I tried them out, and aside from being about 2 inches too short (there was a misunderstanding with the lady who sold them) they are so much easier to grip than a cane! The angle is much nicer on the wrists, elbows, etc. And the hand grips are nice and soft, and they are shaped properly so my hands actually fit. They also have shock absorbers like my awesome cane does.

Mom said she'd take them back to the medical supply store, and get a pair that's a bit taller, so they'll actually fit me.

But it's so annoying... It looks like this is going to be the new normal for me... Have sex, then use crutches for the next couple of days while my pelvis re-knits itself. It's been getting worse for a couple of months, every time I have sex it's like I need more recovery time.

I'm really hoping the doctor will get back to me about prolotherapy, so I can have 100 needles in my hips/pelvis/lower back, and be able to have sex again... Seriously, it's one thing I really don't want EDS to take away from me. That should work, actually... Tell the male doctor that EDS is ruining my sex life, and prolotherapy is the only thing to fix it... Maybe he'd have more sympathy then.


because it all matters said...

I swear, if I could wear those to work, I would totally invest in a pair of the Five Finger Shoes. They just seem like a wonderful idea. As it is, I'm mostly barefoot any other time that I can get away with it.

Ugh. Sex should only be rewarding, not so painful. :( I completely agree, that's not something I want EDS taking from me, and if it's going to, then I sure as hell want to enjoy it while I can (even if the option to do so hasn't really been one lately....).

Sounds like your mommy rocks though for bringing you something that would help you like that. It sucks that we have to use such devices at such a young age, but at least we do have the option of using them to make our lives just a little easier.

....and we just shouldn't talk about the weather.....(scream about it, perhaps)

::gentle hugs::

BubbleGirl said...

What exactly are the requirements for work shoes? They are definitely worth it if you're more comfortable barefoot. Perhaps, if you bought a pair, and they worked great for you, you could say they're medically necessary to reduce fatigue, subluxes, and overall injuries. They do come in a variety of colors and styles, and I'm not going back to "normal" shoes for as long as I can avoid it.

And the sex thing. It's ridiculous. Seriously. Bonkers. I just wanna be with my hubby, and my stupid hips say "ok, if you're havin' fun, we're going out" then my pelvis just gets totally unstable... Hips dislocate, sternum, ribs, ankles, feet, shoulders... Thankfully not all at once though. It's more of try this position until 2 or 3 joints pop out, put them in as best I can, switch positions...

My mommy does rock! Unfortunately the medical supply store she went to STILL hasn't gotten in the new crutches... Or if they have, they haven't called her to let her know.

And yes, the weather should be screamed about (or at, if it would do any good).

Anonymous said...

I love ur blog. I've been living with this for abt 8 years and if you really like sex the only position that is any good for regular use is kneeling on a sofa or easy chair, knees together. Lol. I often find that things have repositioned themselves nicely if I pay a little attention. And the endorphines! B-)