Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cold Weather Sucks

Prepare yourself for whining, dear internets, as I have nobody else I'd rather complain to. You guys get me.

Up here in Calgary, we have interesting weather. This year we've had an extremely mild winter so far, with the exception of the past week. The temperatures were around freezing, until they dropped to about -30C over night. This will (hopefully only) continue until the weekend.

All week I've been in extraordinary amounts of pain.

Ridiculous amounts of pain.

My neck hurts so much, I just want to lay down and cry. My hips have been aching so badly that I don't want to move a muscle, and I can't find a single position where they aren't growling at me. My hands and wrists are so stiff, I can barely type. My jaw is so loose, I can't eat anything without it dislocating, and choking has become a definite hazard. And I have a migraine that's giving me double vision. My left foot also joined in with its own new trick: folding almost in half, lengthwise, in such a way that bones grind together, and my littlest toe ends up nearly under my big toe.

I thought it was all hormone-related, as I was on my period last week, and I'm usually more of a rag-doll at that time of the month. But as soon as I stopped bleeding, the cold snap hit, and I had no recovery time.

I've been sorely tempted to break out my cane in the last couple weeks, but I know that my wrists and shoulders wouldn't be able to take the extra strain, so my cane remains unused.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully this weather will be nicer soon, and we can all feel better...


Anonymous said...

Same thing going on here. Our weather is not as cold as yours but the temp swings are ridiculous. 50-60s daytime and 20's at night. This has been going on for over a month. We were near 70 a few days ago then it dropped to 29. ARGH! Here's hoping for better weather for both of us soon!

saurou said...

Feeling very similarly over here in New Hampshire. Cold has really set in this past week and it's wrecking my joints and making the arthritis worse. Take care of yourself and just try to ride it out.

BubbleGirl said...

I even have a space heater under my desk, and an electric blanket on my chair at work, but with -30C outside, every time someone opens my door I'm blasted by a huge wave of cold air. On monday, I could see my breath in my office for about 5 minutes before it warmed up again.

Lets all go for hot chocolate or something... In Mexico... Who has plane tickets?

Oh well, thinking warm thoughts will have to do for now.