Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vision Abnormalities, and an Old Frienemy (and a rant)

I'm having some really wonky vision problems. My left eye refuses to track and focus at the same rate as my right. It seems like it's mostly just a half step behind, just a little bit slower. It's really uncomfortable, too. Like a pressure headache behind my eyes.

I went to an optometrist in late fall/early winter, and I was supposed to have a follow-up to check my eyes for signs to see if I'm going to develop Glaucoma. Fun, right? I have been too busy, forgetful, and all-around out of energy, so I haven't done that. I think it might be time.

My 'Old Frienemy' is my cane. I had to bring it out a week ago, and it made me feel like crap. After 6 months without it, I was hopeful that I might not need it again, things were looking up. Then as I tried to stand after sitting in a really squishy chair, my hip refused, and I met the ground with an annoyed "thud."

Still trying to find the time to go to the doctor for a referral to the Prolotherapy guy. I can't seem to find the energy to deal with incompetent doctors any more. It seems that any time I request anything, be it a test, a referral, a new drug that has promising research... They just look at me, like "Who do you think you are?" and they get frustrated by my knowledge, pushiness, and all-around me-ness, and refuse me anything and everything. Then I get extra pushy, bitchy, and mean. Then they call me belligerent, unco-operative, and a faker, drug-seeker, etc. and the whole thing comes full circle.

When I try to play dumb, and let them figure out what's wrong with me, they inevitably get it wrong. That's how I ended up on wrong medications, on more than one occasion.  All I did was give them my symptoms, they'd come to wrong conclusions, and they'd completely dismiss any of my ideas, insisting that they were the expert, and I'm "just a patient."




And RAWR, even.

I hope you all have better days than me.


Amber Dover said...

Praying for you. I know what it's like to get sick of doctors....I've pushed to get tested for Vascular EDS (my Dad had it & many of my relatives deal with symptoms of it) and after finally seeing a geneticist who believed I had symptoms & need testing(something I fought for for over 2 years) my doctor dropped the ball. So it's been over a year since that and I haven't been to the doc much. I don't have the energy to fight with them & every med they try to give me makes me I use alot of natural stuff.
Your "frenemy" comment made me laugh. I've used the cane off and on...thankfully it hasn't been that often. I just turned's strange using it in Walmart and such....people look at me so weird. So I don't get out really when I have to use it. It does come in handy though...and it makes a great weapon if you're getting mugged. God bless!~Amber D.

Elastigal said...

I'm sorry to hear that, I'm dealing with much the same as far as the doctors getting everything wrong. Stay strong!