Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Doesn't That Stupid?

(as quoted from my friend)

I went shopping yesterday for a new pair of rollerblades for my mom to buy me for my birthday. (I hope the grammar in that sentence is logical) I found a pair, and started looking for a new pair of wrist guards. I tried some on. That's when it happened.

I injured myself whilst trying on safety equipment.

I dislocated my ring finger knuckle in a way that burst a blood vessel somewhere, and I now have a nifty bruise over most of my finger.


Pop and Ice said...

I'm thinking Ehlers-Danlos and roller-blades to be antonyms. What are you thinking?!

BubbleGirl said...

Over the years I have lost the ability to do a lot of things. I used to run a lot, bike a lot, go hiking frequently, and rollerblade a lot. Rollerblading is the lowest-impact of them, and I can keep my hips from dislocating the longest.

It will hurt, but I'm determined to get myself into better shape so I can climb a mountain this summer, and rollerblading seems like a good start.

Bendy_Clutz said...

...I'm sorry but...


My friends mock me for injuring myself in the most mundane, every day, "Safe" ways possible (like recently subluxating my neck when i was in bed *NOT* doing anything taudry lol and had to call a friend to come over and help me out of bed and to a chiropractor)

But i think injuring yourself trying on safety equipment is freaking awesome in a category all by itself!!

Thats talent ;) Gotta love EDS eh? haha

and good luck with the rollerblading!