Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stress Hurts

This week, I am supposed to be catching up on all of my work, and getting ahead a bit, because I'm supposed to be taking next week off. This week... All three days so far, the other lady in the office has been off sick. So I'm doing as much of her job as I know how to do, as well as all of my job, and a little bit extra, so I'm REALLY STRESSED OUT.

Stress makes me twitch more.

Twitching more makes me dislocate more.

Dislocating more makes me fall down more.

My pain level has been hovering around a 6-9 out of ten since Friday last week.

It's horrible. I can't do anything without tears welling up. I can't get comfortable at all. And it's mostly in my mid-lower back, which usually doesn't hurt at all. It's really weird, because I've been feeling really unstable in my back for the last week or so, almost like the Truncal Ataxia is coming back. I am anxiously awaiting my appointment with the Movement Disorder Clinic this Friday. Two more days until I see someone who might be able to give me answers.

So, at 22 years old, having been diagnosed with EDS almost 9 years ago, and showing signs of it since I was 7... I still haven't managed to find anything to relieve the pain, while still being functional. Yesterday, as soon as I got home, I drugged myself up and laid down with a heat pack alternating between my left shoulder, and 3 different spots on my back. I reheated the pack about 4 times, and I had to re-drug myself right before bed, because it was starting to wear off.

I managed to sleep through my alarm, and wake up at 7:29 this morning. I'm supposed to open at work, at 7:30... With the other lady sick, and the rest of the office staff living an hour out of town with horrible road conditions, I was still the first person at work at 7:40... I was amazed... In 11 minutes I went from horizontal in my bed to sitting at my desk with the computer turned on, and coffee mug in hand. It's a good thing I live about 20 blocks from work.

I bought new crochet hooks... They are awesome... They are for Tunisian/Afghan/Tricot crochet. I bought 2 sets, one for me, and one for my gramma. My co-worker borrowed one, and now she's buying a set for herself, and a set for her grand-daughter. It's like I'm starting a revolution! The only problem is, they aren't sold anywhere in Canada, so we've had to order them from Hong Kong via eBay.

Nothing much else is exciting, except I'm still considering wearing a corset to work to see if that will help any with the pain/stability issue.

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