Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I RAN!!!

I ran FAST!

I didn't dislocate anything.

I didn't twist, sprain, or roll anything.

But it only lasted for about 30 seconds each of the 4 times I ran.

My calves hurt, which makes sense.

My upper back and shoulders hurt a LOT, which doesn't make sense.

But I ran.

And it was worth it.

I went to a bush party, and drank. A lot. The drinking lowered my inhibitions, and I decided to run. Not very far. I figured I'd go until I fell, or got my foot stuck in a gopher hole or something. Not so. I ran until my muscles couldn't do it any more, then I walked until I caught my breath, then I ran again. I haven't felt so free in a long time. It's convinced me more than ever that I need to get into shape, and start hiking again. I miss being free. I know it will cost me a lot, in the hours spent getting into shape, and the pain of moving things which would rather lay dormant. It might cost me a few days, months, or even years of being able to function, because I'm wearing down my joints, and stretching out my connective tissues... On the other hand it could grant me a few more days, months, or even years of being able to function, because I'll be in better health, with stronger muscles to keep me moving. It's a risk I have to take. If only to be free for a moment.

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