Monday, March 29, 2010

New Symptom

On top of the shaky/twitchy/spastic tremor-type-things... I am now getting some spine-twisting-shaky motion, and randomly walking/standing on my toes. My feet also twist to point in and out, instead of straight like usual.

What it's looking more and more like is Ataxia. Which type, I don't know, there are 3 types and all are associated with MS.

I'm afraid.

I just want some answers.


Achelois said...

I often used to think that I definately had MS (I am not saying you don't by the way I do hope you haven't though). In part because in some odd way I thought it would be better treated/understood than EDS. In my forties now I know that many of the symptoms of EDS do mimic MS and a few unfortunately have both cocurrently. I have learnt that learning to live with EDS is hard and that much of the time there are no answers to symptoms and probably never will be. In the meantime learning to live well with a chronic condition is still an everyday goal, each day bringing new challenges. But much of the time I have to concentrate on the living well part and not the symptoms elst they would overwhelm me but they no longer frighten me for which I am grateful.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

elise said...

Hi lovely,
I would think they could test for MS relatively easily. At least rule it out (I pray!). Where are you in terms of tests and doc appts?
You are always in my thoughts, BG!
Keep us posted.

BubbleGirl said...

Not sure how all of this could possibly be related to EDS... It's just too much, too fast.

No appointments until November... I've had an MRI, but it's the wrong type to rule MS in or out.

Thanks for thinking of me, as always, gentle hugs,