Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Test Results

I phoned my geneticist yesterday, to ask for the blood test results and the MRI results that he had ordered.

Everything was normal.


That means no Celiac, no Chiari, as well as no all-the-other-stuff-I've-already-gotten-results-for from the other doctor.

I asked if the MRI had been done on my whole brain and C-spine, as opposed to just the areas concerning Chiari, and it had. There were no incidental findings; it looks like my hubby can stop worrying about me having a brain tumor.

As soon as I find out which neurologist I will be seeing, I'm to call my geneticist so he can forward the MRI results. This should hopefully speed up the process.

Moving went pretty well, all things considered. I only had one major dislocation event, and it was immediately after the last box was moved into the new place (after everything was cleaned too). I was opening a celebratory black cherry cider, and my hip gave out. I hit the floor gracefully. You believe me right?

Incidental moving-related-ish injuries: 5 bruises on my left knee, one on my left forearm, one on my right shoulder; cracking skin on my knuckles from cleaning (didn't wear rubber gloves 'cuz I'm S-M-R-T), and last but not least, one dog bite to my left calf.

I've thrown away a lot of useless, sentimental items which belonged to my dad. It would have been his birthday on Friday. I was throwing away his stuff on his birthday. I shed some tears.

P.S. I'm now taking the maximum dose of the Parkinson's pills that my doctor will allow, and I'm still experiencing the twitching, spasming, and tremors.


Achelois said...

Good news about results indeed.

Sorry about moving related injuries.

Tissues for your tears I am so sorry.

Good luck in your new home.

elise said...

Hi K!
I'm so glad to hear your test results came out well. Less stuff to worry about.

Moving can really be hard on our bodies, eh? I love all the bruises! Not. I hear arnica can be good for healing bruises more quickly. I've used it successfully for aches and pains in the past but not bruises.

I hope there is no pressure to unpack everything right away.

It’s so weird that they haven’t figured out the spasms, but I suppose the tests you had have ruled out several issues. Can your doc try a different med if you have maxed out this one and you are still having symptoms? Just curious.

My heart and thoughts are with you as you grieve your father on this new level. Letting go of material items is not the same as losing memories of and your love for him. My friend who lost her young son is considering that step but I’m encouraging her to take the time she needs to do so. Seems as though you were ready, despite the difficulty, and it was done with love.

BubbleGirl said...

Thanks, as always for your comments.

The greiving process is especially difficult for me because my father died on vacation, and was creamated out of country. I'm still waiting for him to come home. He was a pack rat just like me, so a lot of the stuff he kept was sentimental to him, and carries no memories for me. I found birthday and father's day cards spanning 20 years, which I kept. But the owner's manuals for cars that are over 20 years old, I threw out.

There's really no big rush to get everything unpacked, but it would be nice to get everything unpacked BEFORE WE MOVE AGAIN. The last place had far too little space, and we had boxes everywhere that never got unpacked in the TWO AND A HALF YEARS THAT WE LIVED THERE!

It didn't bother me at all...
Can you tell?

I'm not too worried about the appearance of the bruises. They don't hurt, and it's winter, so I'm completely covered, head to toe. I found another one on the inside of my ankle this morning when I was puting on my socks.

I don't think my doctor will do anything more for me until I've gone for the neuro consult, but he did tell me I could up my dose from the original 3 pills per day up to a maximum of 6, which I'm now taking.