Thursday, July 16, 2009


A while back I posted about some health issues I've been having. Well, my period was late, and I rather thought I might be pregnant. So I took 6 pregnancy tests (3 home tests, 2 pee-in-a-cup-at-the-doctor's-office tests, and one blood test) over the course of 3-4 weeks. All came back negative. Along with the blood test for pregnancy, the doctor had the guy draw blood to check my hormone levels, my iron levels, and several other things.
My doctor originally thought I had PCOS (poly-cystic ovary syndrome), and I thought that maybe I had a tubal pregnancy, or that my hormone levels were too low to register as being pregnant. When my blood tests came back, my iron levels were dangerously low, my vitamin D was really low, and the doctor told me that my iron was too low for dietary changes to bring it up to a normal level...etc.
I've been taking iron supplements for about a month and a half now, and I'm finally having another period. It's lasted 8 days... and counting... (usual for me is 5). So I'm a little bit less anxious than I have been recently, but more grouchy, crampy, bloaty...

On another note, I injured myself recently -dislocated my hip- while having sex. Usually, I can put it back in easily, and it's usually not too painful, but this time was different. It stayed out of place too long, and I couldn't get it back in all the way, and it still hurts.
My boss sent me on an errand at work the next day, and I was required to lift 2 wheels out of the trunk of my car. In light of my recent hip injury, I thought it would be beneficial to carry both of the wheels at the same time, and only make one trip, as opposed to walking twice the distance (50 feet-ish each direction). So I picked up one wheel in each hand (they're not light) and I started walking. By the time I got them to where they were going I had dislocated 2 fingers; my middle finger on my right hand, and my index finger on my left hand. Apparently, I'm not supposed to favor any joint in my body, because it will cause unexpected casualties in other, unrelated parts of my body.

Oh, and I watched to new Harry Potter movie last night, and it was pretty good, except they keep leaving Dobby out of the movies, and changing which characters do what.


Pop and Ice said...

I just don't let my daughter do much of anything physical in the hopes of keeping the damage to a minimum. But I realize that's simply impossible for most EDS patients. Until they really can't do anything. She is already oriented towards non-physical careers and the fact that she shouldn't do any housework I'm sure is a plus on her list! The sex, well, that hasn't happened yet. But I'm ready to advise!

Anonymous said...

When it comes to EDS it varies greatly as to how it has affected yourself or your child, best to inform yourself as to where you are or your child is when it comes to their symptoms or limitations, however when it comes to physical things in general low impact will save the joints later on in life.

I started off with very little in the way of symptoms compared to some, weak ankles and a deformity in the feet, double joints etc, but then again I did not know when I was younger I had EDS so of course I was pushed into the usual sports at school, Rugby, Basketball, Archery, Gym, etc etc.

This in turn caused wear and tear a lot earlier in life than like with someone without EDS, or the jobs I took, which where to start with physical, in their nature I endured pain for a lot of years.

However not doing house work, any walking and light stuff like that will also have the effect of mussels getting weaker which in turn can cause joints to give out e.g. ankles etc, making dislocations happen more often and cause more damage. Even with EDS you can maintain certain strength in the mussels up to a point. By no means do I suggest working out at a gym etc

When doing housework, there is no need to work at marathon speed, or to do the heavy parts of house work like moving a stove to clean under it or other heavy chores. Doing dishes one plate or cup at a time, will at least keep muscles you have moving which in itself is better than them not moving at all and will help.

Not saying it’s happening here but so many take advices of others and they will tell you what helps them and you adopt those measures, sure it may help as some similar treatments and precautions can help many but not all advice is right for everyone.

I will agree in general no heavy tasks and no sport but just light duties and at least walking (if possible depending on restrictions) is as good for anyone even if you don’t have EDS, but unless how EDS has affected you badly as in you can not walk or something in which you have to find what helps you.

In a way I am glad my parents did not know I had EDS or they would have smothered me in cotton wool, but at the same time, going for great hikes out in the bush to a water hole did not help my joints any, and now paying for it.

My children have EDS also to varying degree’s I did not find out I had EDS till they where older, and they where diagnosed, even though I nearly died having one of them, and had the classic signs of EDS (obvious now, that I know about EDS).

I agree if you can find out when the child is younger steer them towards low impact jobs like in an office, etc there are those advantages, it is beneficial to know when it comes to those things. But I feel wrapping them in cotton wool totally is a wrong thing to do.

I feel that if it was known I had EDS when I was younger and been aware I would be in a better situation now as far as limitations are, and know I would be able to do more. If I had not done the damage I had done, as to start off with when younger I had far less problems than I do now.

It has cost me a lot of money to train myself to another career that is lower impact for the joints, where if I had known as a child I would have taken that direction earlier while at school when not so expensive.

I don’t regret my life, but just saying if you are informed you can improve on it sooner.

Hope this finds all with something to smile at life about. ( a big positive attitude is one thing those with EDS need)

did not want to create yet another username so posted as Anonymous
ozziebeanie is my yahoo name

All the best


BubbleGirl said...

Oddly, there are more issues with sex in EDSers than just dislocating joints. Many people fail to realise that connective tissues hold EVERYTHING in place, including your uterus, so certain positions can be EXCRUCIATINGLY painful, because the uterus moves to somewhere it's in the way. I've also dislocated something in my foot where the arch is... Sex is dangerous...

BubbleGirl said...

Update... Aunt Flow's visit lasted 12 days... TWELVE!!! But she's gone now, and took the cramps with her... Hopefully her next visit will be a short one...