Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Post For Everyone

My chiropractor is in the process of starting his own office. For the time being he doesn't work at an office, and he has agreed to see me at his house, because neither one of us feel it would be a good idea to switch chiropractors, with the possibility of getting one that doesn't listen to me, and ends up injuring me further. The problem comes in the form of him being unavailable last week, and me being busy after work every day this week, and that meaning it'll be almost 3 weeks between my last appointment and my next one (On top of all that, Alberta Health stopped covering chiropractic visits on the 1st of July). So, with my wrists being stupid and loose, and my hip being still-slightly-out-of-place and my fingers being all uncooperative, causing me to use my arms differently, and throwing out my shoulders in the process (really long sentence, but I'm getting to the point) I'm in a considerable amount of pain. The only 3 things that seem to help my shoulder are seeing the chiropractor, smoking some pain reliever, or sleeping on my back with my knees propped up, and my arms over my head. So I tried the sleeping one last night and usually by the time I wake up, I've rolled over 40 times and it looks like a tornado has gone through the room, and I'm usually laying on my left (bad) shoulder, causing it to dislocate. but last night was different! I went to sleep with my knees propped up, and my hands over my head, and I woke up with my knees propped up, and my hands over my head! It REALLY stretched the muscles on my shoulders, and my back, and my hips, and everything is feeling better than it did yesterday, except my shoulder... it feels like it rotated funny.

But... you can't win 'em all.


Porcelaine said...

EDS really sucks. I have type III and dislocate like crazy as well.

Keep yourself together~
(^ terrible pun lol)


Jette said...

I have recently been trying the sleeping position with my knees propped up. All my life I have slept on my side, and could never sleep on my back, especially after I developed sleep apnea and sleeping on my back would cause me to stop breathing. But these days sleeping on my side causes all sorts of problems with my knees, shoulders and hips!

By sleeping on my back with my knees propped up AND my torso propped up (similar to sitting in a recliner), I relieve the stress on my joints and am in an upright position so my sleep apnea doesn't stop my breathing. I DO have a problem with tossing and turning, and often can't stay on my back all night, but even a few hours helps!