Monday, July 27, 2009

More Projects

Since my last post, I've had 2 requests from lady friends to make them hats... I've finished one, then I had to take a break from hats to crochet a teddy bear for my niece's 2nd birthday party on Saturday. I started the bear on Thursday night, worked on it for about an hour, then another 2 hours on Friday night, then I started working on it at 9 on Saturday morning and I finished at 3:15 Saturday afternoon... My niece's party started at 5pm.

After getting a new blister and spending hours worrying if I was going to be able to get it done on time, I was rewarded with a VERY happy 2 year old that wouldn't put down her bear long enough for anyone else to take a look at it (I think I had happy tears in my eyes).

I think I got some mild heat stroke though, after being outside for 7+ hours on Saturday (30 degrees Celsius) and I subsequently slept from about 11:30 Saturday night until 3:30 Sunday afternoon.

I still feel exhausted, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

Oh, and my chiropractor is being nice... since I need chiropractic adjustments, and I should be going every week or two, he is keeping me as a patient (at his house right now until he can get into another office) and he is going to charge me $15-$20 less than all his other patients. YAY ME!


david said...

Hello there. I enjoyed your posts. I may have EDS. My family is from the Calagry area. But no one in my family has revealed that they have EDS. They are mostly farmers and probably just figure that the pain is normal.

BubbleGirl said...

Thanks for the comment!

No one else in my family has been diagnosed with EDS either, though many of them have symptoms of EDS, and related issues. I have family members that live on a farm too, but they don't have nearly the joint issues that I have.

Heidi said...

I can't believe a chiro would touch you. I have been told by at least two that they would not touch me, ever. I am at the point in my life (38) that docs have no idea what to do with me. I know more about EDS than any of them. It is oddly comforting to find people out here in the dark of the net, telling it. You have to say it to someone, even if no one reads it.