Friday, June 26, 2009

Hubby & Birthday

So, my hubby gave me my birthday present REALLY early. It's a BeBook!!! YAY!!! It's really awesome, and it's light, and it's nice to read for hours on end, and you push buttons instead of turning pages!!! Okay... I was a bit excited there... (but buttons are so much fun!!!)

I would recommend a bebook or similar device for anyone who has troubles with heavy/awkward books. Or for anyone who downloads books, but can't look at a computer screen for hours on end. Or even more practically, if you're going to school, instead of carrying around 50 pounds of books, you could carry an ebook with all of your necessary reading material in it, and it doesn't weigh much at all or take up much space (the only difficulty would be finding copies of the books online, and most schools don't offer them except for special circumstances).

I've noticed that the pain in my wrists comes in waves. Sometimes they seem as perfectly functional as I can hope from my body, and other times it's as though if I move them, they might fall off. A bit dramatic sounding, but that's what it feels like.

I've also noticed that my hips and ankles are feeling really loose. I sat in my car too long yesterday, and when I got out, I had to spend about 5 minutes to put my ankle back in place... My neighbour saw me limping slowly toward the house, and asked what was wrong... I told him my foot was on crooked. With my hips it seems like any time I take a step, they click, and when they've had enough clicking, they start to sublux, and once the novelty of that's worn off, they'll throw in a dislocation, and try to introduce my face to the pavement...

On another note, I haven't been sleeping much or well in the last 2 weeks, and I am alternately giddy and zombified...

But thankfully, I can still crochet, and my brother is looking forward to getting his sweater for Christmas :)


Vegan Danielle Davis said...

i have been wanting something like it for a while now - i saw the kindle and fell in love - but - they are so pricey. when the time is right, i think it would be really worth it. glad to hear it is making your wrist pain a bit lessened! :)

have a great week!
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BubbleGirl said...

I thought they were pretty pricey too, but I read a LOT of books, and I always buy them, because I usually read them a few times, so it will have paid for itself probably within a year.