Sunday, March 24, 2013

Half a Diagnosis

I saw the Cardiologist on Friday. She was wonderful. She took all my complaints seriously, and we had some pretty good conversation.

She told me I have either Vasovagal Syncope or POTS, and that since the treatment for both is the same, there's no point looking for the actual diagnosis.

The treatment is salt, fluids, and compression socks. So, basically, keep doing what I've been doing, and buy some compression socks.

Apparently beta blockers are no longer being used in the treatment of POTS, as doctors are finding we need higher and higher doses, and once we're taking beta blockers, we can never stop taking them.

10 more days until baby comes!

I'm excited! And nervous!

And tired.

I can't sleep in any position for more than about 20 minutes. I wake up 47 times per night with dislocations, and because I have to pee. I also have some pretty horrendous lower back pain. Hopefully, once the baby's out, the pain, and dislocations will go back to their previous levels.


Liz said...

Good to know about the beta blockers, I have POTS and my doctors are not yet sure how they want to treat it. Thanks for the cool posts!

Dena said...

Many excellent Cardiologist that treat POTS in fact prescribe Beta Blockers and that is the 1st I have ever heard of not being able to get off of it & that the dose must go up & up. Take everything you hear from a Doc with a grain of salt & definitely do your own internet research from reputable sites. I know a lot of EDSers that will print things off from reputable sites & bring them to their Docs. This helps make the Docs more aware & helps them deal with these so called "rare" disorders better. I have a friend who's POTS Doc is treating her by the recommendations on a POTS website b/c she brought it to her Doc's attention.