Thursday, March 14, 2013


Apparently, a resting heart rate of 130bpm followed a few days later by a blood pressure of 149/98 is enough to get me in to see a cardiologist next Friday.

This was the first time I was immediately ushered into the room where they check your blood pressure, after walking in from my car, instead of having to sit in the waiting room for 15-45 minutes. So I'm thinking that had something to do with my blood pressure. After sitting down for 5 minutes, it went down to 138/89, and my heart rate dropped to 108. This is the first time I can remember having abnormally high blood pressure. It's usually on the low side of normal.

They're going to set me up with a 24hr Holter Monitor, hopefully before I see the Cardiologist, so she can look over the results.

After being on a waiting list for a cardiologist for over 2 years (and who says Canada has great Health Care?) I'm finally going to see one, and only because I'm pregnant.

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