Monday, March 11, 2013

Anesthesiologist Consult

I saw a really cute doctor today!

And he was really smart, too!

Gotta love it when that happens, eh?

I went into my consult expecting to spew out all of the EDS-relevant facts, figures, and information I've found through years of research, and talking to other EDSers. And guess what? I didn't need to tell him anything!

Not a single thing!

All of my little tidbits were already in his pretty little head (seriously, the guy was gorgeous). I was pleasantly surprised.

He went over the 3 different ways of anesthetizing someone for a c-section, and all of the inherent risks/benefits for otherwise healthy people, as well as the EDS-specific risks/benefits, as well as the POTS-specific risks/benefits, and the EDS & POTS-specific risks/benefits.

As I said, very well versed!

He performed a poor-man's tilt-table-test on me (lay down for 10 minutes, check blood pressure and heart rate, then stand up quickly, and re-check blood pressure and heart rate... Keep standing until a specific interval has passed with heart rate not going back to normal), and he agrees that I most likely do have POTS, even though it effects my heart rate much more noticeably than my blood pressure.

It seems that the most likely way they'll anesthetize me, is with an epidural. This way they can more safely leave a catheter in my spine, and push more medication as necessary. With the POTS, they would also slowly work up to the dose, to avoid blood pressures and heart rates going wonky. He was worried that having a spinal block, which is a one-shot deal, could become problematic if the anesthetic wears off too quickly. It's also easier on mom, and baby if it's done under a regional anesthetic, as opposed to a general.

The baby date is getting closer, and I'm getting nervous!

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