Friday, October 1, 2010

It Made My Day

I work at an auto body shop. We fix cars. We also arrange for rentals when necessary.

I never thought it would be so hard to find one.

It needed to be wheelchair accessible.

So I phoned my rental company, and asked. No luck. "Do you know who would rent one?" "No."

Then I phoned our back-up rental company. No luck there either, and they didn't know where to find one either.

Then I called the rental company we never deal with, and I couldn't find one there either.

So I went to my fall-back: Google.

And I found the ONLY wheelchair accessible van for rent in the city. I phoned them to make a reservation, and the price was staggering. Then I phoned the insurance company to make sure they'd cover the cost (they will). Then I phoned the customer with the good news. Then I phoned the rental company again, and confirmed everything.

I missed my lunch hour, but the thanks I got for going "above and beyond" was well worth my time.

I helped, and It Made My Day.

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because it all matters said...

You rock! And you totally deserve extra hugs for going above and beyond. I'm glad it made your day and made you feel good :) :) :) Everybody needs that!