Monday, September 13, 2010


It was my nephews birthday on the weekend. I finally finished my sister-in-law's birthday present - a sweater - and took it up to her on the weekend (she loves it!).

Did a lot more standing and walking and STAIRS!!! - OMG THE STAIRS!!! - than I am used to. Slept in not-my-bed... Spent all of Sunday hobbling around with the aid of my hubby's percocet; which amazingly did something for the pain, while leaving my brain mostly unaffected.

I think I may have actually done some real damage to my hip when I fell a week and a half ago. Even with the percocet, and the incredibly reduced pain, it still didn't feel like my hip was working properly. The pain is now in all of my hip, through my tail bone, up my spine to my waist. Not comfy.

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BubbleGirl said...

Fell again yesterday afternoon, bruised my elbow, and it feels like I broke my @$$. If I'm walking more than 15-20 feet I use my cane... It's really getting annoying. Time to check out my new/old doctor? See if there's really something wrong?