Friday, September 3, 2010

Bad Day

Yesterday was a bad day.

I had very little sleep the night before, so I was tired all day. I have also been feeling a lot less stable while I walk; my hips just don't feel like they're in their sockets. My hands were giving me a lot of trouble yesterday as well. It hurt to write (really not fun when that's a large part of my job).

Around 3:00pm I fell. It was different than ALL of my other falls this year. My falls have been from a standing position. I was walking yesterday, and my hips and knees quit taking orders. So I fell forwards, landing on my hands and knees (bruised now) but my hips wouldn't hold me up in that position, so I fell more, and landed with my right foot under my left thigh, and dislocated my left hip quite badly. The landing also dislocated my left shoulder, subluxed my wrist, ankle, knee and collarbone.

By 4:30 when I got off work, I was unable to walk unassisted. I needed my cane for the rest of the day, and I really needed to run a few errands.

I found it very strange, when I went to Wal-Mart, walking with my cane. People definitely treat visible and invisible disabilities differently. When it's obvious that I'm walking with a cane, strangers with walkers and canes give knowing looks, and stop you to chat in the hallways. But usually I just walk very slowly; occasionally with tears welling up, and I guess I must just look depressed to people. It was a strange feeling of community.


elise said...

Hi lovee.
I was thinking of you yesterday. Must have known you were having a bad day somehow. I wish I could give you a gentle hug and tell you you'll feel better soon (flares suck). My heart and healing thoughts are with you today as you deal with the physical and emotional aches of your extra laxity this week. It's Friday and hopefully you can rest this weekend and feel more stable soon!
warm hugs from your friend,

because it all matters said...

::soft hug::

:( Bad days/weeks suck. I hope and pray that you feel better soon. I highly recommend a weekend of taking it easy with your husband and doing nice comfortable relaxing things that can help take your mind off the stress of a bendy body.

I never realized before [I started researching EDS] how often I rely on outside support and assistance for my body. I always hold onto hands rails if they're available, lean on things when I'm standing still, I always hold my guy's arm while we're walking around together (that has other happy benefits :D ), lean on grocery carts, etc. It's amazing how much just a little support and balance can save the day, huh?
Such is life with a bendy body...

More soft hugs. Feel better.

BubbleGirl said...

Thanks for your comments!

Friday turned out to be not much better than Thursday, and I resorted to using my cane again.

My weekend was mostly stress-free, and my Opa volunteered his electric scooter for the long hike up to the mountain's base. I am still not ready for that step - even as a one-time occurrance. It looks as though mountain climbing will need to wait until next summer, because my body and Mother Nature seem to be on different pages this year.

I finished my sister-in-law's sweater last night... Except for the pocket, I still need to make that.