Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm not sure if either of my new un-problems are related to the medication I'm on.

First, I've been without my ankle brace for three days now, and it only hurts if it bends past "normal" range of motion, or if I go too long without moving it.

Second, I've been feeling more stable, except for my left shoulder, and that's because I'm still twitch-spasming it out of place frequently.

I'm still tired ALL THE TIME.

My memory is mashed potatoes and swiss cheese. Mashed potatoes because everything seems jumbled together, and swiss cheese because there seem to be holes in my memory, and things seem to get stuck (like songs that play over and over, and OVER until you want to find the singer and kick him in the shins).

On another note, my walk-in doctor has had my blood test results for over a week, and he didn't think it was prudent to call me. So I called him, and set up an appointment next Tuesday to discuss the results. I think I want to kick him in the shins too.

Oh, and GO CANADA!!! We don't seem to be sucking at the Olympics! Yay us!

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