Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pretty Hats

It's Delurker day!!! If you're a lurker... Come out, come out wherever you are! ;) Tell me something interesting about you! Or just say hi. Or even "moo" for all I care...

On with the post:

So, I love how blogger randomly throws pictures wherever it feels like throwing them, regardless of how you upload them, which order, etc... But I do have photos, and they are uploaded, and they're hats! Yay!

The first one is my best friend's son's hat, and it's brightly colored camouflage, and it's too big for him, but SOOOOO cute when he's wearing it.

The second one, purple with the flower was meant to be for my niece, but it's adult size, and I don't know anyone who would wear it...
The orange, pink, green, and yellow one was for the gift exchange at my dad's family's Christmas. It was labeled as a Gag/Girl gift, and was well received.

The purple, purple, blue and green one went to my best friend for Christmas, as it is much warmer than the one I made her for her birthday.

This one is dark blue, and grey, with a grey edging. In the right light it looks like it's blue and silver. It went to one of the ladies in my hat club, and she LOVES it. (YAY ME!)

My current projects include searching for yarn to make my hubby's sweater, and crocheting 2 baby blankets for little ones set to arrive sometime this month. One blanket is for a boy, and it will be green and blue wavy stripes. The other one is for a girl, and it will also be wavy stripes, but they will be alternating between solid orange, and a confetti looking white/orange/white/green/white/blue yarn.

EDS update: Between under-sleeping, and not having any energy, and oversleeping to wake up with multiple dislocations, I have managed to be late for work twice this week. I think it's the hormones again... Seems to be worse (A LOT WORSE) on the days just after I ovulate (tmi?).
Edit: The more I try to fix the placement of the pictures and text, the worse it seems to be getting, so what it looks like now is about the best you'll get. Sorry.