Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Win!!! (So do you, 'cuz you get PICTURES!)

So, I've had my pictures sitting on my desktop for almost 2 weeks. I tried in vain to upload them 174 times! My computer kept giving me error messages. I FINALLY figured out why I was unable to upload them TODAY... Grrr...

So without any (more) further ado...

(NOT) My brother's sweater (but one just like it-only a little smaller). This one got sold to my co-worker. He gave it to his daughter for Christmas, and she didn't take it off for 4 whole days!
Next, My friends' ridiculously long scarf (hard to tell from the picture, but it goes to the floor when it's wrapped around her neck once).
Next is my niece's bunny. BUNNY!!! He's a secret bunny, he has 2 big ears, so you can tell him your secrets, and no mouth, so he has to KEEP your secrets!


And then, the blue bear, with his wobbly head... And his pretty orange scarf!

That's it for now. More pictures hopefully tomorrow... They'll be HATS!!!


Veronica said...

I love them!

stipeygirl75 said...

How cute! You are so talented!

gimpyzebra said...

Hey there! This is Kerrilynn (aka TestyTiger) I moved over to wordpress.com. Anyway, I absolutely adore your bunny!!!! And the colors you chose are awesome! Take Care!