Tuesday, September 8, 2009

wow... life...

So, I haven't posted in a while... again... sorry...

Umm... Life has been extra mean to me lately. I have my personal/personal crap that I'm dealing with, my personal/health crap that I'm dealing with, my personal/business crap, my business/business crap, my health/business crap, and my other crap...

So I haven't had time to post anything... and I STILL DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER AT HOME. Not that I'm complaining or anything... (If you could see me, you'd wonder how my eyes stayed in my head with that eye roll... and the sarcasm... not dripping... it's like a cascade, or a waterfall... or if the Hoover dam burst...)

I've almost decided to give up solid foods, and switch to a liquid diet, so probably some variant of slimfast shakes, meal replacement shakes, or ensure, as my digestive system is horribly horribly ineffective at present. Add to that all of the usual female-specific cramping, and the fact that my womanly parts are messed up right now, and you may have some idea of the abdominal pain I've been suffering these last few weeks.

Happy news!!! I received an order for some hats! There's a little store in the trendy part of the city that ordered 10 hats, with a total of 50 interchangeable flowers. I started last Saturday (Aug 29th) and I finished them this Saturday (Sept 5). It was a lot of work. I also have an order from a friend for a crocheted bear (like the one I made for my niece), but blue, 'cuz it's for a boy.

More happy... My hubby and I had our second wedding anniversary on Sunday! Didn't do anything exciting, but it's truly amazing what has happened in those 2 years!

On another note, I read a post about comments recently, and the topic of comment etiquette is intriguing. I see in my little Blogger info thing that I have 15 followers. I am truly amazed by that. There are at least 15 people in this world that care about me, and you guys don't even know me. You just drop in on my life, and read about my struggles, my pain, and my accomplishments. For that I am thankful. If you feel that your comments have to be witty, or funny, or informative, think again! I am happy to know that someone cares. Even if you just say "I get it" that's enough.

Edited on Wednesday, September 3rd to include:
I finished my blue bear yesterday night at 11:00 pm, and his head is wobbly, so I'm gonna make him a scarf, and send him to the studio for a photo shoot, and hopefully get some pic of some stuff...


elise said...

Hi cuteness,
Sorry to hear that life is crappy right now. Not fair.

I am so thrilled to hear about your hats though! What happened with the Canada ones you were working on?

On a funny note... the silly word verification security feature the site uses for posting comments gave me the nonsense word 'hootata'! I am almost laughing out loud!

Sending you some warm hugs!

Veronica said...

I think I would go insane without a computer at home. I definitely felt your eyeroll from here.

BubbleGirl said...

Long time no talk! Thanks for the hugs!

My Canada hats went to the studio for pictures, and I haven't heard anything since...

"Hootata" that's a good one. I get some pretty weird word verifcation words.

I have been going pretty insane at home without my computer (I don't even have cable at home), and I've been watching some of my favorite t.v. shows on DVD, just so I can have some background noise while I crochet.