Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have another follower!

Welcome to my life!

With my recent disaster... I can do even less physical activity than I could before. Dammit. But I did get a new chair, and it's so much more comfortable than my old chair, and I can sit and crochet for HOURS!

My friend is throwing a fundraiser for blood cancer awareness, and I will be donating as many pretty hats as I can make by Saturday. I decided this yesterday, and after work I crocheted 2 hats. They're pink!

Since I seem to get more comments when I show you people pretty pictures, as opposed to stretching my creative writing, and detailing my wikkid awesome fall down some stairs... Here's some pretty pictures!

This is MY hat.

These are my nephew's octopi.

This is one of the 3 (completely different from each other) hats for the nice Olympic athlete ladies.

And those two are my niece and nephew's Christmas presents... My other niece is going to get a pink/brown/cream colored one... Like Neapolitan ice cream!


elise said...

Hi lovely lady.
Life is throwing you around, almost literally, these days. Well, you've got one person here thinking of ya. I hope you can feel my hugs all the way up there!
Hey, I'll be moving a bit closer at the end of the year - Seattle. ha ha! In the meantime, hubs and I are living in two different states. Sucks. I'm going up to visit him this weekend for my b-day. yippee!
I LOVE the cloche with curly edges. I'd wear one of those in a heartbeat!
It is so sweet that you are helping out - blood cancer is nasty and affects people young to old. And crocheting all of this in your nice comfy chair no less!
Well, my bad for not replying to your amazing feat with the stairs. Sadly, I've done something similar but I didn't know about EDS back then and never went to the MD. I figure now that I either sprained it horribly, dislocated/relocated something, or tore a tendon. It's been 15+ years and the worst spot from back then is still sore and dislocates on a regular basis. I hope you are feeling better.
Gotta run but keep writing and crocheting!

Pop and Ice said...

Pictures get more comments? Hmmm. I virtually never post without pictures and it seems to not necessarily effect that stat. Blog titles, on the other hand, seem to make a difference.

Love your hats! And glad you have a comfy chair!

BubbleGirl said...

Thanks for the comments ladies. In my next post I'll let you know all about my loverly follow-up appointment today.

Gumby / Mommy Zebra said...

Awesome Hats!! I love the red and white would I go about ordering one in hot pink for myself...humm maybe i should order a zebra one!! =) Hang in there with the ankle I feel ya there..umm and every where else for that matter! I see Elise is moving to my neck of the going to have to go bother her now..Take care..


Achelois said...

I don't know about pictures and more comments or stats. Don't have a working camera right now and no nothing of stats!
I also adore cloche with curly edges completely love it. Where did you get the pattern if you don't mind me asking. Also loving the octupi - same thing where did you get the pattern.

Actually the fact that you are doing this for charity has given me a thought. I was moaning big time today to spouse about how it feels that my EDS is making my life smaller by the day. A light went off in my brain when I read your post. Perhaps if I gave more of myself like you are in your comfy chair even though you are in pain. I would feel less like this!

So thank you for your blog. By the way you are in my reader I read all your posts regardless of pictures or not. I just don't always comment. Hope you feel better soon.

Simply adorable hats! Take care.

BubbleGirl said...

The pattern for the hats cme from Zellers. It was a free pattern in with the yarn. I changed it a bit to add 3 different edgings, but it started off as a chemo hat pattern.

Most of my patterns come from the internet, and then I FIX them, because they never work quite right, and I change the colors, because I think BRIGHT is best.

Angela said...

Hi! found you in the comments on RNM's blog. LOOVE those octopi, they're so cute! Did you make up that pattern yourself? I haven't picked up my crochet or knitting since last winter, but I might have to now.

Oh, and on RNM's blog you mentioned the hair. That's what caught my eye. I have PCOS and the symptoms you mentioned rang a bell with me. If you want to talk about it please feel free to email me or stop by my blog.

Best wishes!