Monday, March 21, 2011

Trip to the Zoo

I had fun over the weekend.

Saturday, I crocheted a really cute little baby sweater, as well as some cute little star-shaped wash cloths. I also finished my pillow case, which had started out as a baby blanket, in a nice gender-neutral yellow. I decided on turning it into a pillow case after I learned that my friend is having a boy, so I get to use fun, bright boy colors.

Sunday consisted of hubby and I taking our time waking up and showering, then we went out with his best friend to the zoo, and walked around for about 5 hours. I took my cane, and used it 95% of the time, the other 5% was spent resting my cane hand. Amazingly, the only problems I encountered were my left hip stabilizer muscle, and my right knee and calf hurting pretty badly today, and my right hand feeling like it was going to blister from my cane.

I think all of my left hip dislocations (coming up on 400 of them this year alone) have finally prompted my left hip to grow more stabilizer muscles; both to keep it from dislocating, and to keep me standing. Aside from the pain involved in growing new muscles, it seems to be working properly for a change. Instead of the full blown dislocation, ending with me sprawled across the floor, it's just a sublux, which makes me walk like I'm drunk.

After the zoo, we went out for dinner, then went to a movie. Hubby and I have been feeling pretty isolated (cabin fever anyone?), with neither of us having the energy to go out, so we planned a trip to the zoo, for the second weekend in a row, and actually made it out yesterday. It's so nice to get out, and have fun, and not just be surviving the day-to-day necessities for a change.

It's amazing how much a little fresh air will do for the body!

Oh, and more on the plus side of things, I can apparently eat junk food, and not have a really bad tummy ache afterwards. Weird what my body is doing to me. Ice Cream? Fine. Chips with melty cheese and salsa? Fine. Cooked vegetables? OMG NOOOO!!! Raw vegetables? Are you trying to KILL me?


Achelois said...

cabin fever yes! I know that but reading here of your adventures helps distract so thank you for sharing.

SO pleased you have had fun and good for you on working on muscle strength so much easier said than done with EDS!

because it all matters said...

It really is amazing what the little things can do to make you feel so much better. We've finally had a warm week so I've gone out and played with my puppy a couple days this week (all I have to do is toss a stick - not even far ;P he's not picky - he's happy until he's ready for a nap). And I feel so much better just going out in the sun and being active.
And anytime I go out, no matter where I'm going or what I'm doing, I try to dress up and make myself look better because it makes me feel better. It's wonderful how all the little things help so much.

I'm glad your hip is doing better too. It's about time it starts to cooperate.

I hope you have many more great days to come. ::hugs::

BubbleGirl said...

I'm glad I can distract you, if only for a little while. I wish I could find a way to stretch out my thought process, and add a bit of meat to my posts. Oh well, it might happen eventually... And yes, it is very hard to work on muscle strength with EDS. First you have to convince your muscles that they aren't connective tissues, then you have to convince them to do all the work of the connective tissues, while still being useful muscles...

because it all matters,
We have a puppy where I work, he comes in Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. He is such a sweetie, and he lifts the spirits so much. It makes the days feel shorter, and it makes grumpy customers just a smidge less annoying.

Dressing up for yourself is more important thn dressing up for other people. I learned that one a long time ago: If you look good, you feel good. But there are always going to be days where you stay in your house coat or pajamas all day, or go to the store in baggy sweats, with your hair all over the place, looking like an escaped mental patient.

Hugs to both of you!

because it all matters said...

Animals just have that way about them. The hospital I worked for has therapy dogs on Tuesday and Thursday. It makes everyone feel so much better, even just for a little bit to hold a puppy or pet one sitting by the bed.
And my puppy is so empathetic at the times I really need it. I'm in full fibro flare today and he's just laying here on the couch with me with his head on my lap (he's a pit bull, not usually defined as cuddlers, but this one is when I'm sick....he also climbs in bed with me when I have a migraine). I love having a dog. It's made a huge difference in my health. I mean, on days when I want to lay on the couch all day, I know I have to get up and take care of him, and that little bit of movement throughout the day is really good for me. And then we're back to resting, because he knows that I need it (he's so sweet sleeping on my lap right now).

And yes, dressing up for yourself makes a HUGE difference. Like right now, even though I'm not going anywhere today (heavens, especially not in a fibro flare), I got up this morning and put on my fun striped knee-high socks over my TED hose (I haven't been able to go without my TEDs for the last week for some reason, but usually I just wear regular socks over them...I have lots of fun socks to cover them with though ;P ), rolled up my pants to I could see my silly socks, and put on my favorite old scrubs (they're from my old job, so the wrong color for my new job, they're now jammies, they're Greys Anatomy by SOFT and comfy). And I'm playing around online to keep myself distracted. Doing what makes you happy and feel better makes all the difference.