Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sympathy Cane

I went out to get lunch for work yesterday. When I got to the mall, I parked my car, and reached into the back to grab my cane, as my hip has not been cooperating at all this week. My cane is a spiffy collapsible cane, hollow on the inside, with an elastic running from one end to the other, which pulls it together as soon as you take it out of the carrying case. It's winter, in Canada, and the temperature yesterday was around -30C. So I pulled out my cane, expecting a *Snick-snick-snick* of the cane snapping itself together, and all I got was a *Swish-flop* my cane danging loosely from my fingers.

My poor cane dislocated all three of its joints. I think it'll need a full body cast, and some heat therapy before it can go for a walk again.

I think it caught my EDS. Or it thought it looked like big bunches of fun to be completely dislocated and useless, and decided to try out the whole "I can't, I'm broken" excuse.

I ended up shuffling through the mall, a usually 5 minute walk taking about 20 minutes, each direction. By the time I got back to work I was in so much pain, and I took 2 Tramacet. No effect. 6 hours later, I took 2 more Tramacet, no effect. Same with the 2 I took on Monday, and the 2 I took on Tuesday. Either I have the wrong kind of pain for the medication, or the wrong kind of medication for my body... Either way, I can't seem to get any relief, or catch any breaks. My 2011 is looking a bit less shiny.

But my 2 bright spots in this gloom are:
1) My mommy bought me a cane for Christmas, and it has a shock absorber, which makes it a bit easier on the shoulder, and
2) I've had 10 people put in orders for sweaters, on top of the 5 I had already promised people as gifts, and the 2 which were ordered before Christmas. So I will be able to keep my broken bits distracted from some of the pain with all the crocheting I've got to do.


Pink Doberman said...

Hang in there!! What kind of sweaters are you going to be making??

Hope you and your stick can recover quickly!!
Gentle Hugs, Tonja

BubbleGirl said...

I've been crocheting hoodies. Right now I'm working on one for my 3 year old niece, and it's pink. Her big sister is getting a pink and blue striped hoodie, and their brother is getting "RED!" because that's his favorite color.

Oh, and after finally being able to warm up my car to a decent temperature, my cane snapped back into place, and it seems to be functional again. But I really need to see if I can find or make something squishy to put over the handle to make it more comfortable for my hand.