Friday, December 10, 2010

100th Post

For my 100th post, I had long ago planned to do something special.

Life is just too stressful for that right now though.

This week has been pretty bad. On Tuesday, we were short-staffed, and I had to do double my usual work. Right before lunch, my left hip and my right knee decided to give out at the same time, causing me to fall and land on my left elbow, dislocating my shoulder and stretching all the muscles in my lower back. The pain was a 9 on my scale, and I was shuffling like a mummy, and wincing every time I moved, with tears welling up constantly until I took some "emergency stash" painkillers, which fuzzed my brain, and brought the pain down to about a 5.

Wednesday, I dislocated my left hip, and it's still not back where it should be, and it's too icy outside to use my cane. I also developed laryngitis on Wednesday. Ooh, AND I stabbed myself in the eye with the corner of an envelope. That's what I get for trying to open the mail when I'm twitching like a drug addict...

Thursday I woke up in horrendous pain, with a dislocated right shoulder and elbow. While I was at work, I got yelled at because I reminded my boss of what he said he'd do 3 days earlier, which was contradictory to what he was saying right before he yelled at me. I started to cry, and left the office. He followed me, yelled at me some more, and told me that if I couldn't handle the stress of working here, then maybe it's not the job for me. This sounded very much like he was about to fire me. I was ready to scream at him that if I lose THIS job, I'm not going to find another job that I am able to do (nobody else will hire me with the foreknowledge that I will constantly be injuring myself), and that my husband and I will be homeless by January. 

Welcome to my pity party... We have cookies.

Just looked at my post list... I'm at 98 posts, but my post counter said I had 99 right before I clicked on "New Post" and wrote this one. So... Maybe I'll have a super spiffy 100th post next time, when I actually reach 100 posts... Honestly don't know why it lied to me...


Flexability is over rated, creativity is ingenious said...

Good thing it's Friday. You sounds like you've been having a blast! Where do employers get off power-tripping like that?! I'd like to kick his ass.

Can I bring some drinks to this pity party? Don't forget you're not in this alone. Keep that chin up, and just keep swimming.

Sending juju and everything good xx

BubbleGirl said...

You have drinks? Are they in sippy cups??? That would be AWESOME!

Thanks for the comment and the happy thoughts, it really does help to know that someone out there understands.

Saurou said...

Aw, crap. I'm sorry, hon'. That's terrible. Instead of kicking his ass, why don't we figure out some way to make an EDS Gun so he can try it out for a while. See if his workload runs as smoothly as before.

Maybe we can work on that after we've had a few too many sippy cups at your party.

Sending love and good thoughts!

BubbleGirl said...

If we had an EDS gun, there are SO many people I'd love to give it to for a day, just to show them that YES I COULD complain a hell of a lot more than I do, and my pain tolerance is ridiculously high. Like doctors, they should all experience this for a day. and employers. Once they see how much I'm pushing myself to do, they might hire me out of awe for my amazing ability to not be in a wheelchair, even though it would probably be the best thing for me.

Thanks for the happy thoughts, they help!