Monday, April 27, 2009


So, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to Vancouver for a week on holidays. Hubby and I went, and it was fun. We did a lot of driving, and a lot of walking, and even though I complained a lot, I was glad to be able to walk. I only limped a little bit the entire trip!

We went to a used book store, and we each found out of print books that we've been looking for, like 6 each I think, and we spent $50.00 on books.

I have to say that the worst part about the entire trip was sleeping in the tent on an air mattress. I subluxed my hips multiple times each night, because of the position I had to sleep in, and every time I did, I'd wake up and have to switch positions, then like 5 minutes later I'd get a cramp and then have to switch positions again.

So, Friday, I tried to get into the chiropractor before we left, and I called, and I had missed him, he was out of the office for the day. So I called his other office, and I talked to the receptionist, and she called the chiropractor, and he said he'd see me at his house, and gave me the address. I googled it and went over to see him. He adjusted me, and I told him about my blog, and the fact that I posted about him, and my doubts about him, and the nail gun it felt like he used on me. He didn't have any problems with it, and he laughed a the nail gun part.

I'm going to go see him again after work today :)

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