Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, I haven't been to the chiropractor since late December, and yesterday I was in so much pain, I decided to make an appointment. Problem is my regular chiropractor works an hour away from where I live, because I moved. So I went to see a new chiropractor, and he did his preliminary look you over so he can tell what you need, and I was complaining about left side pain, as I always am, and he tells me I need mostly my right side looked at. He adjusted my right hip, which I thought was feeling fine, and my left shoulder blade, which he said was rotated at a funny angle, along with my spine in 4 different spots.

About 2 minutes after he was done adjusting me, I felt a really stupid pain under my left shoulder blade, almost like someone was stabbing me in the lung every time I took a breath, but after a few minutes of NOT crying (but I was really close) it started to fade. Then I went to walk to the front to pay, and it felt like instead of using the clicky thing to adjust my hip, he used a nail gun. That feeling didn't go away until this morning, but it still feels oddly tight/burning.

So after my chiropractor appointment, I went to the mall to buy a few supplies for camping (going on a road trip to Vancouver). And I was shuffling, I couldn't even waddle for the first half hour. After a while I realised that I wasn't limping, but it wasn't because it didn't hurt, it was because there was a war between my left knee and my right hip - they were deciding which was the worst joint, and they tied.

Then I went to bed, and woke up this morning with some weird pain in some unexpected places. I'm going to go back to the chiropractor when I get back, mostly because I don't want to spend $50 for my first appointment with someone else, but also because he does it differently than my old chiropractor, and I'm interested to see if I get any kind of beneficial results with his method.

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Pop and Ice said...

My daughter's chiropractor is afraid to touch her. But I just remind her to stay away from the bad shoulder and focus on her back and neck are we're all fine! But I know we scare her to death - well, I don't scare her since I don't have EDS, but you get the picture.