Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time For Fat Pants

My jeans were starting to get tight around my uterus, so I went out and bought some maternity pants. I'm still barely showing, and I've barely grown any, it's just WHERE I'm growing that's causing discomfort.

I've now dislocated/subluxated my pelvis a total of 5 times (twice yesterday), and my right shoulder made a wet tearing sound when I reached over to my left shoulder to massage it on Monday. My arms feel like they've been used as a tug-of-war rope, and my entire upper body feels bruised.

I've also got some new pain, which I can only describe as slowly stretching tissues, just to the inside of my hip bones. And my abs! Even though they never really did the core-supporting they're supposed to, it feels like I've done about a million sit-ups, and they BURN... Holy crap, ow.

Oh, and now that my pants aren't squishing my uterus, with their too-tightness, I can't feel the the squirmy little monster most of the time now. Except when it's bladder=trampoline time, and I have to pee 5 times in an hour.

I have so much stuff to do before baby comes. I need to go buy a new car, because I barely trust the one I have with 2 full grown adults, let alone a small helpless person. And I need to buy baby stuff. I have NONE. Nothing. At all. I'm totally unprepared.

I got a call from my geneticist's office yesterday, and I've gotten a referral to the High Risk Pregnancy Clinic, as well as the Chronic Illness Obstetrics Centre. So I'll finally be having someone take a look at my lady bits (for the first time in 5 years), because I haven't had a family doctor in so long, and these things seem to get put on the back burner.

Aside from pain, dislocations, cold/flu-like symptoms, and lack of sleep, I seem to be doing alright health-wise. The nausea is gone, to be replaced by near-normal hunger. I still don't eat much, but it's more than I ate before, so that's good. My extreme dizziness, and near-fainting have calmed down a lot.

I just want to meet this tiny little person, already.

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