Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Tired

The title about sums it up.

My poor hubby has had the flu for the last 2 weeks, and I seem to have avoided the worst of it. All I seem to have caught is the inability to sleep, and all the extra aches and pains that usually come with being sick. And a runny nose. And I have no balance and nearly killed myself in the shower this morning.

I'm also cat-sitting. Have been for 2 whole weeks, and Princess's mommy should be back tonight, so I don't have to climb all of the hazardous, mismatched stairs.

In other news, I recently went to the bookstore, and purchased 5 new books, and went home and downloaded 2 additional books for my ebook, as well as one more book which was e-mailed to me. One of the books I bought was from a series, #20, and I have finished it, and am now re-reading 2 or 3 of the books in the series because some of the main characters haven't been in the last few books, and I missed them.

I have been having problems with Blogger. I recently got a new android phone, which forced me to get a new Gmail account, and I can't seem to leave comments. I've been trying to comment on Jess's blog over at Falling Apart at the Seams, to send my thoughts out to her friend who has just received a liver transplant, as well as Jess's pooch who is having medical problems of his own. I've also been trying to comment on Saurou's post at Disjointed regarding an explanation about brain fog and memory holes."I have a hole in my vocabulary the size of... That place... The south-ish one. You know that big place in the south? Ummm... Texas! A hole in my vocabulary the size of Texas."

Since returning from my vacation, I have only fallen once or twice, and I haven't had to use my cane. But I'm twitching more than I had been when I was falling all the time.


Achelois said...

You are not the only person who has been having problems leaving comments on blogger. It seems to be randomly affecting people all around the world. Very frustrating.

I bet your poor hubby is fed up having been so very poorly for so long. Perhaps I have caught your malaise as your symptoms seem the same as mine! I hope you both feel better soon.

I have cats so am not sure they would appreciate visiting cats. I love cats but don't think mine would understand the concept of cat sitting.

That is a lot of books, I have a pile next to my bed which I want to read yet my hands hurt. All the while they are there though there is hope I may read them. I would love an e book reader thingy but funds prohibit. Also I think I wold like the ability for backgrounds to be changed and fonts and colours. That makes me sounds very very fussy which I am not really. As I am sure if I had one as a present I would be chuffed to bits.
I am pleased the falling is a little better and am just so sorry the twitching has returned with a vengeance.

Take care and it was good to see you in my reader.

Please accept a very gentle virtual hug from a fellow EDSer.

BubbleGirl said...

I was house sitting and cat sitting, so I went to the house to check on the cat every other day to make sure she stayed fed and watered. The only problem was the stairs to get to the door are all uneven, and the sidewalk bocks have gaps between them, and it's just not safe for me to walk up them.

Put the e-book on a wishlist. Tell everyone that you'd like one for your Birthday or Christmas or Tuesday. They're so light, and easy to read from. Depending on the reader, and the format you can change font and text size, but for now they only come in black and white if you want the e-paper that you can read in any light. You will eventually start saving money, as you get many books for free, as well as a very large selection of very inexpensive books.

I saw your shiny new post this morning, and it was definitely a bonus to be slowed down so you could see the art exibit. Unfortunate that you've been in so much pain lately. I really wish I could help with that, but I don't even have any advice.

Hugs to you as well, big squishy ones. Like you're hugging a giant stuffed bear.

Anonymous said...

I put a plastic stool in the shower and my shampoos in a caddy on the floor. Please try not to stand so much!