Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy _______Day???

Happy Birthday Grampa!

Not so happy death day Dad :(

Three years ago today my father passed away while on vacation. He went peacefully in his sleep. It was his father's birthday.

Since then I've lost so many people.

It hurts.

Today will be a day to reflect on life, and death, and family.


Shauna said...

I understand. It does hurt....I miss my wonderful, loving father so very much....and why did he die on a special day to me--my best friends B-day???? It was odd to pick up the phone to tell her he had gone, then wish her happy b-day....yin and yang....happy and sad, birth and death....

Gentle Hugs <3

elise said...

Hi sweetie,
Death sucks.
We lost my husband's brother on Father's Day this year, and then my husband's father died 13 days later. It is a bit unhappier when it is birth/death day together though.
Thinking of you,