Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It's like a mom, but a bit more zombified.

It's amazing how little sleep you can live on when you're a new mom, and an insomniac...

When I do finally have an opportunity to sleep (like right now, as my tiny person has been asleep for 5 whole hours in a row!) I am so horribly wide awake, and with the whole EDS/epinephrine thing, I couldn't sleep right now unless there was an elephant tranquilizer involved...

So, my sweet little not-gaining-weight-fast-enough person has now gotten over that... She sucks down no less than 10 ounces of formula per day (mostly when mommy's sleeping, and daddy is watching her {such a good hubby I have}) as well as all the boobs she wants (which is a lot... Boobs are Awesome).

She is hitting all of her milestones earlier than the books say "most babies should be able to." This includes being able to roll from her tummy to her back, on a soft surface like the bed, since she was a week old. Rolling on the floor took a couple more weeks, and I've now seen her roll both directions from her tummy.

The Nurse Bully from last post turned out to be worse than I thought. She called my doctor, and tried to convince him that I was a bad mother, too. She called him twice, complaining about me. He told me about it at the last visit, and said that he isn't at all concerned about the things she was complaining about, and he could completely understand why I told her never to call me again (which is one of the things she complained about, as apparently nurses are supposed to keep in touch with new mothers on a weekly basis for some reason).


Did you know... That babies are the best comedians?

They are the most hilarious people in the world.

My tiny person has 1001 faces, and most of them make me laugh. Some of them look like grumpy old man faces, and some of them are serious faces, and there's a plethora of different happy faces. Then there's the hungry face, and the sleepy face, and the full face.

She also has the funniest farts (you'd think the house is full of obnoxious teenage boys by the sound of it). Seriously, they've turned my husband into a five year old again, as often as he's laughing at them. And all the squirming and grunting she does when she's got gas is cute.

Then there's the sleep-smiling, and the eye-crossing, and the million and one other things that you just don't know babies do until you have one of your own.


Being a parent is a funny thing. I want my baby to "hurry up, and slow down." I can't wait for the next milestone to be hit, but I don't ever want her to grow up. She's perfectly perfect the way she is.

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Unknown said...

It's been a while since I've read your blog, I didn't know how to follow and it got lost in my "blogs to read" bookmarks folder... but I did read a lot of your posts a while back and it's one of the reasons I got inspired to write my own!

I'm at (it's in french : my zebra life), and I'm sorry you might not be able to read it because of that... but resources are so scarce in french that I went for an all-french blog.

I'm telling you this not only to thank you for the inspiration, but also to let you know I linked your blog. :)

Now that I found how to follow your blog, I should be able to catch up and not miss new posts ;)

Thanks for all and keep up the good work!